Our Retail offer

With Plan-it Cards you only pay for what you sell – that’s a promise!

Greetings Cards for your Convenience

Plan-it Cards are the greetings card supplier of choice in thousands of stores across the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

Our Retailers are visited once a month by our team of dedicated and local franchisees who merchandise the displays, to ensure they are planned and fully stocked to achieve the best sales.

We operate a simple two-price point system for our everyday cards, making it an easy shopping experience for the consumer and the retailer.

Display equipment is available on free loan.

New design releases are made available every visit and a fresh display installed.

We also offer central billing drop shipment terms if required to retailers in partnership with all the major Convenience symbol groups.

Our customers include…

Plan-it Cards – what makes us different?

We combine a passion for greetings cards with the dedication, commitment, and service of our franchisees, to ensure our retailers receives a first-class supply of the best quality product.

We love greetings cards. It’s what we do.

We are also called Plan-it Cards for a reason. We plan your displays so that the right card is available at the right time in the right place whatever the season, whatever the occasion.

Our bright displays create a focal point for the shop and consumers can conveniently find the card they want through our use of caption highlighters directing and prompting, and our eye-catching point of sale.

Every Plan it Cards greetings card and gift wrap design is commissioned exclusively by us here in the UK. It’s what give us our identity and is part of who we are.

You will not see Plan-it Cards branded designs being used on other greetings cards and gift wrap product elsewhere.

Investing in the best designers and utilising the best suppliers. everything we do is carried out to the highest standards. The inks, the quality of the boards we use and the finishes we apply to our product.

The uses of die-cutting, embossing, foiling and flitter enhance the value of our product, so that our designs really stand out to the consumer. Envelopes are also colour co-ordinated for high visual impact.

We supply a full range of Birthday, Any Occasions/Blanks and the best-selling Occasions, Juvenile Ages, Adult Ages and Relations Cards.

Our range is broad in appeal just like our customer base.

Seasonal ranges (Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day) are introduced at the appropriate times of the year.

Our product says more about us than a thousand words and if you need to stock it we have it.

Pulling it all together

Supplying you with the right designs is only part of our story. Many of our retailers benefit from our free on loan display equipment to enhance the shopping experience.

Our Display Equipment & Point of Sale plays an important part in creating the right atmosphere and theatre in your shop to help your customers buy a card. We plan our displays into the setting of your store. Our story is complete with eye-catching Point of Sale and caption highlighters directing and prompting.

Here’s a selection of the types of display options that we supply.

How we operate

We visit once a month, more often if needed. On each visit we replenish your display with fresh stock and introduce new designs as appropriate.

At the end of our visit, we raise the invoice for what has been sold and collect payment.  

With Plan-it Cards you only pay for what you sell. There is no stock write off, no initial outlay, and an immediate profit with no financial risk. We keep things simple AND convenient. We have over 400 designs available across 2 different sizes of cards and 2 Everyday price points and bar codes so our range is broad in appeal. Everyday Birthday cards as well as extensive Occasions, Relations and Age titles are available. Packeted gift wrap completes the Everyday display.

Important Seasonal ranges (Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day) are introduced at the appropriate times of the year.

Looking to stock Plan-it Cards in your area?

We’ve got a network of franchisees and merchandising covering all areas of the UK. If you’re interested in finding out how we can improve your greetings cards sales get in touch today!