Ever Wonder What Goes on Behind the Scenes….?

… to get our displays looking just right.

We thought we would share with you a LINKEDIN post from David who looks after the South West territory from his base in Bristol.

It illustrates one of our major points of difference with our direct competition, as well as giving potential franchisees an insight into one of the jobs in the day in the life of a franchisee.

”Maybe one too many coffee’s yesterday 🤣. A quick behind the scenes giving you a sneak peek into the process of packing and preparing those lovely cards that bring smiles to your faces! 🎉✉️

At Plan-it Cards, we plan and pick each individual display – no ‘topping up’ – meaning every month our retailers get a fresh display filled with clean and new designs!

If you’re a convenience retailer looking to stock our delightful greeting cards or if you’re a customer who loves our products, head over to our website to explore our extensive collection and join the journey of spreading happiness one card at a time! 🌟”

For more information about Plan-it Cards, our franchise business opportunity, our products and our services, please visit https://www.plan-it.cards/

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